Meet the people that help Katie reach her dreams

Jamie Mulligan, PGA Golf Instructor

Jamie and Katie recently started working together. Jamie is one of the top 100 Golf Instructors in America according to Golf Digest. He teaches multiple male and female professional golfers. Katie enjoys Jamie's unique way of approaching the golf swing; which combines simplicity, athleticism and being direct to bring out the best of her golf swing. 

Andrea Doddato, Fitness Trainer

Andrea is Katie's help on her golf fitness and general physical well-being. Whenever Katie isn't on the road they work to improve her strength and mobility together. Andrea has provided Katie with a "on-the-road schedule" so Katie can keep improving while traveling. Doddato is well educated (ACE, FMS II, AIS, and CHEK Golf certified) and experienced (golf) fitness trainer, she has worked with over 30 LPGA golfers and is a "TPI Golf Fitness Expert". 

Jared Zak, PGA Golf Instructor

Jared was Katie's second ever golf instructor, and main influencer on who she is as a golfer today. They worked together for more than twelve years on all assets of the game. Today, Jared is still very important to Katie as they remain in touch. She enjoys his positive, competitive, and relaxed mindset. 

Jared is an instructor at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center in Sea Island, GA. Golf Digest considers him "one of America's Best Young Teachers"  and one of the Top 10 Teachers in Georgia.