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The Difficulty of Invisible Progress

The struggle between good and evil. Anyone who has ever played golf knows it is one of the most frustrating sports on the planet. Even more so when you work hard at it everyday and it becomes your profession. It is difficult sometimes to be able to see past the results and continue to believe in the process of getting better even if things don’t go as planned.

The start of this season, for example, hasn't gone exactly as planned. HOWEVER, despite missing the last couple of cuts I know I am heading in the right direction. I just have to keep trusting the process and the results will come. Whether that is in two weeks in Hawaii or not until later in the season. I know I am close. I wouldn't have been able to finish 2nd on the LET in February if really good golf wasn't somewhere lurking in the shadows. So I will just keep trusting in myself, my coach, and what we are working on.

When you start competing at the professional level it is easy to get lost in statistics; playing against the best players in the world week in and week out you come to the realization that some people hit more greens than you, putt better than you, hit their irons better than you, etc, etc. BUT what golf really boils down to is getting the ball in the hole, and that approach isn't the same for everyone.

In the past year and a half or so I think I lost myself a little; lost what made me great when I first came out on tour. I was fearless. I played MY game. I was ready to prove people wrong that a girl from Brunswick, GA belonged on the best women's professional golf tour in the world. I started focussing more on what I didn't do as good as some of my colleagues (just trying to get better of course) and I lost me and my golf identity.

As some of you know I starting working with a new coach in the off season, Jamie Mulligan, and he has been helping me rediscover what makes me good enough; I am an athlete. I am finding new ways to trust my instincts and my feel. As a kid, growing up playing multiple sports, golf being my least favorite, everything I did was based on feel. When I would go out to the golf course I never looked at a yardage or knew how far I was from the hole. I would just hit whatever club I felt was right based on looking at the flag and 95% of the time it was the right club. Back then I took more risks. I played more aggressive, because I had no one there to tell me how they thought I should play the hole. I just did what I was confident in. I am rediscovering that feeling, and starting to play more like an athlete again. If nothing else, I am having more fun being myself again!

I am heading Hawaii this coming Wednesday like usual to see my brother and his family. In the days leading up to the tournament I will get to play some golf with my brother (he hits it a mile). My sister in law will have scouted out all the new restaurants I need to try, often with her since my brother can be a picky eater sometimes. AND last, but definitely not least, I will be heading to the beach for some body surfing, snorkeling, and searching for sea turtles with my niece, who will be turning 10 years old this year! And before I forget, I will be competing in the Lotte Championship while I am there.. Jokes aside, I am looking forward to another opportunity to compete with the best in the world and another week to find my way back to the player that I am. It is going to be great week-and-a-half with my family and at one of my favorite tour stops!


Thank you for your support and for your time! Happy Easter everyone!

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